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1 Days to 50! Family - We Flock Like Birds Of A Feather

Updated: Mar 18

Fifty & Fabulous Countdown! Today's theme song: We Are Family By Sister Sledge

It took me a few hours to pull some pics together because I have such a HUGE fam! Each grandmother had 12 kids each and you can imagine how many cousins I have!

Family is there through thick and thin. I am so fortunate to have so many aunts and uncles who have mentored me and helped shape my life! I truly was raised by a village.

Cousins, oh, my dear cousins you are the very first best friends I have ever had! To the younger ones who I babysat and were travesos, It's been wonderful to see you grow up into beautiful young men and women. Also missing those cousins who have passed before us, their memories live within our hearts.

Grandparents and parents, I would be lost without them!

Note: I tried to collect as many pics as possible. We are such a big fam that it was hard to get everyone! The old pics my mom sent me.

Everyone can see we're together

As we walk on by

(And) and we fly just like birds of a feather

I won't tell no lie

(All) all of the people around us they say

Can they be that close?

Just let me state for the record

We're giving love in a family dose

We are family

I got all my sisters with me, yeah

We are family

Get up everybody and sing

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