• Jenny Chamberlain

2 Days to 50! Friends, The Ones Who I Can Count On

Updated: Mar 18

Today's Theme Song: You Can Count On Me (Connie Talbot version)

Friends -- I have been extremely fortunate to cross paths with so many amazing people! You have all made these past 50 years the most incredible.

Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on, laughing at my funny jokes, praying for me, being my co-conspirator in all things adventure and listening to my crazy ideas!

I can't imagine life without you all.

Note: There were so many more people that I have befriended that are not pictured here. Remember, digital cameras and cell phones did not exist back in the day, so we didn't take as many pictures as as we do now.

Also, FB kept crashing on me as I went deeper into the years looking for pics. If you are not pictured here doesn't mean I don't value our friendship just the same and it also means, we need to take a pic together when all this COVID stuff is over and done with! LOL

Love you all and thank you for making my life won-der-ful!

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