• Jenny Chamberlain

3 Days to 50! Those Life Changing Moments

Updated: Mar 18

Today's Theme Song is a mix so that you can dance as the clock strikes 12: "Los mejor de los Angeles Azules mix 2019"

Why am I starting to feel nervous? Got those butterflies in my stomach. Maybe because it's going to be an amazing year?

One of my most life-changing moments is when I joined

the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Believe it or not, I

was a bit shy and so "green" when it came to networking when I first started.

I had no idea that through this organization I would have established life long friendships. Being the Chamber President of Sonoma County in 2017 & 2018 was another lifelong dream of mine to run an organization. I got to live this out at ae 46. At age 47, I was invited to sit on the Executive Board of the California State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as Secretary.

But, it's just not about that, its a mutual love for community that we all have and a desire to open doors so that others too, can reach for the stars to pursue their dreams!

Chamber Family, both local and statewide, how I miss you on this New Year's Eve. Our parties, dancing until the hotel kicks us out and singing Mariachi in the middle of a hotel lobby at the top of our lungs!

Most of all, advocating for small business, our Latina Empresaria days celebrating the

accomplishments of Latinas, creating programs that make an impact and open doors for so many throughout the state and mentoring our young professionals.

I miss the hugs and conversations and absolute love for our culture. You have changed my life.

Today is dedicated to you. Until we hug and dance again!


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